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Whether it is the creation and conception of individual products or a product series - we understand what we produce. We develop virtually all cosmetic products, which are composed through careful selection of active and other ingredients - depending on the desired purpose.

We develop recipes and formulas according to your requirements and draw from a current pool of over 2,000 active ingredients and substances.


Innovative formulas

With a lot of know-how, passion and focus on details we develop virtually all cosmetic products, which are formulated through careful selection of active and other ingredients depending on the desired application.

The wealth of experience of our long-standing employees combined with state-of-the-art production technologies and innovative formulations according to the newest research results specifically satisfy our clients' requirements.

We take care of the further development of already existing basic products or create completely new developments. We also assist in the advisable selection of coordinated cosmetic products for a consistent series.

Project realisation is fast and quality optimised. Our many years of experience with production processes enables efficient realisation for clients.

Service in the are of development:
  • Raw material data collection, entry and processing (e.g. Specifications, INCI, toxicology, effect and others)
  • Finished product safety report (SB)
  • Informing and carrying out notification of European authorities
  • Preservation testing
  • Dermatological testing – open epicutaneous testing
  • Packaging tolerance testing

These services are summarised in the Production Information File (PIF), which is available to our clients.

Product categories:
  • Emulsions (W/O, O/W, PIT), Lotions
  • WAS-Products
  • Gels, Waxes, Oils
  • Sprays, Mousse
  • Multi-Phase Products
  • Perfumes, After Shave etc.

Conformity criteria:

NATRUE, COSMOS, ÖKO-Test, neuform, Stiftung Warentest

"Our goal is to optimally understand and realise our client's wishes. No matter whether you provide the packaging, bulk or raw materials, if you want the full-service package or you would like to have a completely new product developed - we promptly handle all your concerns and resolve them to your satisfaction."

Stefanie Burkhardt (Product Coordinator)