Data Protection Statement


The protection of your personal information and its collection, processing and use during your visit to our homepage is a serious concern of ours. All information pertaining to you, like your last name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax, etc. are designated as personal data. We would like you to know when we collect what information and how we use it. We have taken technical and organisational measures that ensure that data protection regulations are observed both by us as well as by any possible external service providers. Your data will be protected within the framework of legal regulations. Personal data will only be collected on this website to the extent required technically. Hereinafter, you will find information about which data is collected during your visit to the homepage and how it is used.

Website access


Every time our homepage is accessed and each retrieval of information on file on our homepage is protocolled. The storage thereof is for system-related purposes. What is protocolled: The name of the retrieved file, the date and time of retrieval, transferred quantity of data, report on the successful retrieval and the web browser. The IP address of the computer from which the request came is not recorded. Therefore personal data-based user profiles can not be generated.

Contact form


When contact is made through our website, we collect various personal data from you on the contact form. The mandatory fields, in order to enable sensible processing with the minimum of data we require from you, are: Title, first name, last name, telephone, e-mail address and the actual message. All other entries, like title, address information, telephone are voluntary and go beyond the requirements. With this information entered by you - without being saved temporarily - a unencrypted e-mail is generated that is sent to us when the form is sent. Please note, that the e-mail is unencrypted so please be mindful not to send any confidential information through this channel. By transmitting your personal data to us you thereby state your agreement with the collection, processing and use of your data according to the data protection statement at hand.

Use and transmission of personal data


Insofar as you have made your personal data available, we only use it to answer your inquiries and for technical administration. Your personal data will be forwarded to third parties or be otherwise transmitted only if necessary for the purpose of invoicing during contract processing - especially the transmission of order data to suppliers - which we are legally obliged to do or to which you have already agreed to. You have the right to revoke your consent with effect for the future at any time. Your stored personal data is deleted when you revoke your consent to its storage, when as per your knowledge the storage thereof is no longer required to fulfil the purpose it was being stored for, i.e. if the process has already been processed and no legal deletion periods prevent deletion, or if the storage of your data is impermissible for other legal reasons. If the data cannot be deleted, it will suspended from further processing until the legal deletion period has expired.



The internet pages use so-called cookies in numerous places. They serve to make the offer more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text data that are filed in your computer and that are saved by your browser. The majority of cookies used by us are so-called "Session Cookies". They are automatically deleted after your visit has ended. Cookies do not damage your computer in any way and do not contain viruses.

Links to other websites


Our offer contains links to external third party websites, the content of which we have no influence over. We therefore cannot assume liability for this third-party content. The respective provider or operator of the linked pages is responsible for the content of these pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations when they were linked. Unlawful content was not found at the time when they were linked. However, permanent control of the content on the linked pages is unreasonable without a concrete indication of legal offence. If legal violations become known to us we will remove such links promptly. Please note the privacy protection statements of third parties, found on the page that the link leads to.

Your rights - rights to self-determination over personal data


You have the right to know which information we have saved about you (right to information) and to correct data that is incorrect or to delete/suspend it. Upon written request, we will gladly inform you of the information we have stored relating to you. You will receive a registered letter from us with the corresponding documents. Please understand that we must verify your identity as a recipient - in order to protect your personal data.



We use "Piwik" on this website, a free web analysis software, that is available from as part of the GPL (General Public License). Piwik generates detailed statistics about visitors to a website in real time. These include information about the search engine being used, the search terms being used, the language used, the origin of the user by country, the browser used and its plugins, the referrer (source website), the duration of the visit, entry pages, exit pages, termination quota, the IP address, etc. PIWIK uses so-called "Cookies", which are text files that are saved on your computer and that enable us to analyse the usage of the website. These cookies have a lifespan, defined by us, of 7 days. The information provided by the cookie about your usage of this website (including your IP address) can be transferred to our hosting service provider in Germany and saved there for analysis purposes. This means that we can use this information to assess the usage of our website and compile reports about it. In applying Piwik we actually use the plugin "AnonymizeIP", which makes the IP address of the visitor to the page anonymous (the parameter of the plugin is selected in such a way, that the last two blocks of the IP address are omitted. We thereby do not connect this information with persons and do not transmit this information to third parties. Piwik also provides the possibility to appeal against the tracking cookie: You can decide hereby, whether a definite web analysis cookie can be filed in your browser to enable the operator of the website to detect and analyse various statistic data. If you would like to decide against it, click on the following link in order to file the Piwik deactivation cookie in your browser. It will delete the existing tracking cookie that has been filed.

Your visit to this website is currently being detected by the Piwik web analysis. Click here, if you no longer want your visit to be detected. Form end You should note hereby, that the appeal is filed in the form of an opt-out cookie so after all cookies have been deleted, for instance, the opt-out cookie must be declared again. Referrer-data contains information about the reason for the page retrieval, e.g. about the search engines and search terms used, the source websites, campaigns and direct page retrieval. There is a theoretical possibility that inferences can be made about the user via the referrer information transferred from the user's browser and also an aggregate of the usage profile with identifying information can take place. The creation of a user profile is done according to § 15 Para. 3 TMG for advertising, market research or the required design of the service. The referrer plugin is also active. We would like to point out that the data collected by our analysis will not be brought together with data via the carrier of the pseudonym by suitable technical and organisational means in order to maintain the Separation Principle (§§ 13 Para. 4, 15 Para. 3 TMG). The collected data will be deleted after the statistics have been compiled or on request from the affected user or suspended, insofar as deleting is not possible without disproportionate effort due to special storage type. Note: The Piwik web-tracking tool is currently in test mode on our page. After a short test phase all collected data will be deleted.

Security note:


We endeavour to take all possible technical and organisational measures to store your personal data in such a way that it is not accessible by third parties. We cannot guarantee full data protection with unencrypted communication via e-mail and therefore we recommend sending confidential information by mail.