We have the technical possibilities to fill any order size of cosmetic products and to produce the desired order size cost-effectively for the client as needed. With flexible and high-performance production units we can quickly adjust to changing packaging shapes and production quantities as well as handling various order sizes.

Flexible technical customisation

MUSSLER COSMETIC PRODUCTION has modern machines at its disposal that can be flexibly extended in terms of moulds. Moulds can be easily inspected for usability. We have a large number of different moulds on location. This way we can perfectly customise bottling requirements.

A contact partner is available at all times for consultation.

Virtually all primary packaging, like bottles, vials, ampoules, pots, tins, tubes or dispensers, are filled by our production. We process various materials hereby. Extensive know-how also makes it possible to ecologically process complex primary and secondary packaging.

We provide the following special services:

  • Hot filling (e.g. waxes)
  • 2-phase bottle filling with freely definable phase quantities
  • Cosmetic butter produced with our own procedure for soft product results
  • Tube diameter up to 60 mm, tube height up to 240 mm
  • Tube fold with euro-perforation
  • Level, vacuum and visible filling
  • Products containing alcohol (perfumes, aftershaves, deodorant sprays)
  • Use of noble gases for product protection

"During the project planning phase we already have an influence on which
project facility the product in question can be most effectively and efficiently created in. We create the necessary technical requirements for implementation with our solution-oriented expertise."

Bertram Schlager (Head of Manufacturing)

Primary packaging and daily capacity


  • Bottles and tottles 1 ml to 1,000 ml
    up to 80,000 U / day
  • Ampoules and vials 1 ml to 10 ml
    up to 120,000 U / day
  • Pots and tins 5 ml to 500 ml
    up to 40,000 U / day
  • Tubes 1 ml to 500 ml
    up to 75,000 U / day
  • Airless dispensers 5 ml to 500 ml
    up to 40,000 U / day